Why your Agent should use high quality photos

A report by MDG Advertising revealed that online content having compelling imagery attracted approximately 94% more views than content without images.

Real estate properties with photos snapped from a professional camera were found to sell for between $3,400 and $11,200 more than those properties with photos clicked from your iPhone. These homes were also more likely to sell much faster than homes with amateur photography.

When buying a home or any real estate property for that matter, 90% of our decision-making is influenced by emotional factors such as the first impression we get by just looking at a property. We are more likely to buy a property based on the feeling it gives us rather than the actual value it provides.

So, choose an Agent whom is using high-quality photos, instead of amateur ones. Check out their websites first and make sure they’re what you want for your home and most important…
View the photos after the listing is up, I’ve seen sideways photos and pictures of windows where back light is horrible. Happy Selling!!!

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